Scammer Ordered to Forfeit $1.12 Million Bitcoin in Landmark UK Case

A scammer who sold people’s personal details on the dark web has been ordered to forfeit $1.12 million worth of Bitcoin. Grant West, also known as “Courvoisier “, gathered sensitive information about individuals using a phishing scam targeting a popular online takeaway ordering service and other well-known British retailers. The investigation and subsequent confiscation is [weiter lesen]

CNBC Analyst Slams Facebook Libra, Champions Bitcoin

Since the announcement of Facebookâ??s Libra cryptocurrency, the crypto market and even the tech sector has never been the same. Itâ??s got regulators up in arms about Bitcoin, crypto assets are crashing, and the project may not ever even see the light of day. Even partners have started to abandon the project. The topic came [weiter lesen]