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Swiss National Bank is Skeptical of National State-Issued Crypto

24. Juni 2018 0

Business Insider reported that Thomas Moser, a key member of management at the National Swiss Bank, believes that governments have lost interest in state-issued crypto or digital currencies. Thomas Moser: “Enthusiasm Has Slowed” For National Crypto While at a cryptocurrency conference in Zug, Switzerland, the representative of the bank gave a Business Insider journalist an

Ukrainian Men Arrested Over The Operation Of Cryptocurrency Scams

23. Juni 2018 0

The regulatory crackdown on fraudulent and malicious cryptocurrency operations has continued, with more reports showing scams falling to the might of regulators. The BleepingComputer reported that Ukrainian men had been arrested on suspicions of the operation of fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges. Four Men, Over Six Fake Cryptocurrency Exchanges According to the aforementioned article from a popular

CNBC Holds “Funeral” For Bitcoin, Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin is Still Not Dead

23. Juni 2018 0

CNBC is back again, with more cryptocurrency antics on the ‘Fast Money’ segment. However this time, Fast Money host, Melissa Lee, took jabs at the cryptocurrency market, holding a ‘funeral’ for Bitcoin.   Fast Money Holds “Funeral” For Bitcoin, As Bitcoin approached $6,000, the aforementioned Fast Money host questioned if she should still cover Bitcoin

Nick Szabo: Bitcoin Prices Will Decline Until when there is “Certainty”: EOS, Litecoin, Tron, Stellar Lumens and IOTA Technical Analysis (June 23, 2018)

23. Juni 2018 0

Nick Szabo, who many believe to be Satoshi Nakamoto believe the combination of BTC future uncertainty, political opposition and a host of other crypto competitors precipitates recent volatility. However, as it is he thinks BTC prices would decline until we see stable growth. So, the underlying word here is decline and thatâ??s why we should

Cryptos Hit Six Month Low as Bears Pummel the Markets

23. Juni 2018 0

FOMO Moments Markets are crashing, altcoins getting hit hardest are EOS, Iota, Ethereum Classic, and Ontology The selling pressure has gained momentum over the past 24 hours and markets have slid to their lowest levels this year. Total market capitalization has dropped to just over $250 billion which marks the third big dip of 2018.

Bitcoin Drops to Within 2018 Low Close to $6,000

23. Juni 2018 0

Bitcoin fell to within touching distance of the $6,000 mark on Friday, a figure not seen since February, following improvement orders from Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) to six of the country’s crypto exchanges. Bitcoin Continues to Fall The number one digital currency is seeing its value being chipped away as the integrity of the

Ethereum’s Swarm Moves Closer to Achieving a Decentralized Internet

22. Juni 2018 0

The Swarm team has announced the immediate release of Swarm client v0.3. Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service which can facilitate decentralized hosting of websites leading to censorship-resistant content. Code Merged into Master Branch The main aim of Swarm is to provide a decentralized store of Ethereum’s public record. This will

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