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Colorado Department of Transportation, CDOT, Completely Offline After Ransomware Virus

23. Februar 2018 0

Employees at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) spent the second day offline today, while security officials â?? including the FBI â?? continue to investigate a ransomware virus that hijacked computer files and demanded payment in Bitcoin for their return. According to Amy Ford, a CDOT spokeswoman, only employee computers running Windows and equipped with McAfee …

Blockchain-Based Distribution Platform ALAX to Allow App and Game Developers to Reach Tens of Millions of â??Unbankedâ?? Consumers

23. Februar 2018 0

ALAXâ??s token-based technology will provide access to tens of millions of â??unbankedâ?? customers worldwide ALAX TGE set to commence on April 17th 2018, with the platform scheduled to be available immediately following its conclusion. ALAX, a new venture between blockchain technology company DECENT and games distribution platform Dragonfly, has today released a white paper outlining …

Decentralization to Drive Advertising Benefits for Businesses & Users

23. Februar 2018 0

Just as decentralized economies have reduced the obligations of customers towards monopolistic central banking conglomerates; a new contender has similarly emerged in the â??Search engineâ?? field that may just change Data Services and the Digital Advertising sector entirely. Itâ??s called Bitclave, and itâ??s a decentralized blockchain based platform with integrated tools which allow businesses to …

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Donates $763,000 to Machine Intelligence Institute

23. Februar 2018 0

Artificial intelligence is both a blessing and a curse rolled into one. Some people are convinced AI will improve our society, whereas others remain fearful. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin donated $763,000 to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. With this money, the organization can further study potential hazards or artificial intelligence, among other things. MIRI is …

Turkey Considers National Crytpocurrency in the wake of El Petro

23. Februar 2018 0

Statements from both Iran and Turkey suggest that the two countries are about to launch a national cryptocurrency, stressing the need for strong regulation. Following in the Wake of El Petro As Venezuela’s El Petro raised over $700 million dollars in its first round of private funding, President Modoru took the podium the next day to announce …

Cardano Price Technical Analysis â?? ADA/USD Bearish Below $0.35

23. Februar 2018 0

Key Highlights ADA price is struggling to recover and it recently declined below the $0.3200 level against the US Dollar (tethered). There is a major declining channel forming with resistance at $0.3205 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair (data feed via Bittrex). The pair is currently correcting higher, but it may face a …

California Largest State to Recognize Blockchain Records

23. Februar 2018 0

California millennial Assemblyperson recently pushed a bill to recognize digital signatures and contracts recorded on the blockchain, making California one of several US States using or considering implementing the technology. Millennial Assemblyperson Pushes Bill Assemblymember Ian Calderon (D-Cal), who was elected to the state assembly at the age of 27 as the first ‘millennial’ assembly person, launched California …

Ripple Price Technical Analysis â?? XRP/USD Tumbles Further

23. Februar 2018 0

Key Highlights Ripple price could not hold the $0.9000 support and moved below the $0.8400 level against the US dollar. There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance at $0.8700 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from SimpleFx). The pair is trading around the $0.8400 level and is currently …

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