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Cryptocurrency Exchange Nebula to Launch in February, With Unique Reputation System

24. Februar 2018 0

Nebula, a cryptocurrency exchange which aims to provide support for cryptocurrencies that struggle to find affordable listing, will launch by the end of February with a unique reputation system. On major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex, it is difficult to find cryptocurrencies with small market valuations and shallow order books, because large cryptocurrencies tend …

Forward towards a bright future, blockchain universe UnicornGo

24. Februar 2018 0

To the moon and back, is a distant dream for everyone who is in love with the skies. The conquest of planets is a painful issue, since the human body is not ready for substantial changes in surroundings. For instance, to colonize Mars, specially genetically modified individuals would be required, capable of withstanding the radiation. …

Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, DASH and Lumens (XLM)

24. Februar 2018 0

We are seeing a change of fortune as far as price action and altcoins is concerned. LTC, Lumens and DASH are on the fore front printing clear bull patterns that awaits confirmations today. Besides these three, we remain neutral on EOS unless we see a close above $9.5 while NEO is also encouraging as scalpers …

Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Nano is Leading the Way

24. Februar 2018 0

FOMO Moments There has been an unexpected turnaround this morning and the markets have rebounded a little. Weekends are usually times when selloffs occur, led by Asia, but today everything is in the green once again. Bitcoin is leading the pack with a 7.5% recovery on yesterdayâ??s prices to $10.500, altcoins have followed it back …

Mining Boom: Bitmain’s Profit Over $3 Billion According to Researchers

24. Februar 2018 0

Beijing-based start-up Bitmain now dominates the Bitcoin mining industry. Last year it is estimated the company made as much money as chipmaker Nvidia did, according to estimates from researchers at Wall Street analyst Bernstein. Based on conservative estimates, the analysts calculate that Bitmain made $3 to $4 billion in operating profit last year. Bernstein’s U.S. semiconductor team estimates …

UK: Bank of England Researching Digital Currency, No Plans To Launch

23. Februar 2018 0

Despite rumours to the contrary, the UK government have announced that they will not be following the likes of Venezuela in launching their own digital currency for now. Whilst the Bank of England are indeed studying the implications of centrally-issued electronic currency, a government minister has stated that there are no plans in the immediate …

CAC, a Dark Horse in Asiaâ??s Booming Blockchain Market

23. Februar 2018 0

On February 16, 2018, the first ever Digital Currency Blockchain Forum was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during which, CAC, the high-profile Credit Asia Chain, was officially launched with a star-studded team and advisory committee spanning from blockchain experts, to consumer finance veterans, and government officials. What is CAC? “CAC (Credit Asia Chain) is a social credit platform based on blockchain technology. The system is designed to solve long-lasting issues of information asymmetry, …

GDAX Announce Full SegWit Support, Network Fees Continue to Fall

23. Februar 2018 0

GDAX, the trading arm of cryptocurrency brokerage Coinbase, announced today that they will implement full SegWit support for Bitcoin transactions in the coming days. The protocol upgrade aims to make transactions quicker and cheaper for users of BTC. GDAX Joins Coinbase and Bitfinex GDAX are the latest of the cryptocurrency industry’s major players to offer …

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