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Rwanda to Use Blockchain to Eradicate Conflict Resources from Supply Chain

18. Oktober 2018 0

The government of Rwanda is leading an innovative mineral traceability initiative using blockchain. To that effect, the project is working with U.K.-based startup Circulor and its blockchain powered supply chain platform to record the provenance of metals in order to eradicate sources of funding for conflict minerals. Circulor to Help Rwanda Comply with International Agreements Tantalum

Centralized Cryptocurrencies Dominate Market, But What About Bitcoin?

18. Oktober 2018 0

A new report reveals that the majority of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are centralized. Majority of Cryptocurrencies Can Be Classified as Centralized, Securities Cryptocurrency research firm CryptoCompare released its annual Cryptoasset Taxonomy Report, and their findings reveal that only 16% of cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized. The remaining cryptocurrencies reviewed are either centralized, or only semi-decentralized,

UK-Based Global Security Firm G4S Announces Crypto Custody Solution

17. Oktober 2018 0

Multinational security company G4S has announced that it has been working on a custody solution for cryptocurrencies. The firm is the latest in a long list of those seeking to address one of the largest perceived problems in the digital asset space – secure storage. G4S to Join Goldman Sachs, Bakkt, and Others in Crypto

Binance Teams up with Chainalysis to Work Towards Regulatory Compliance

17. Oktober 2018 0

Two of the cryptocurrency industry’s biggest names are partnering up in an effort to bring greater regulatory compliance to the space. Leading digital asset exchange platform Binance and blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis will be working together on solutions to earn the trust of global regulators. Chainalysis Working with Binance on KYC and AML Compliance According

Bitcoin is Repeating 2014’s Downtrend Action That Corrected Vastly

17. Oktober 2018 0

As speculation over Bitcoin finding a bottom grows, one historical price action has surfaced to back a strong demand around a specific trading range. Crypto Monk, a highly followed Bitcoin and altcoin trader and founder of CryptoMonsoon podcast on YouTube, recently took to Twitter to showcase similarities between Bitcoin’s price action in 2o14 and in present

Chinese Crypto Currency Exchange BTCC Expands Into South Korea

17. Oktober 2018 0

New reports from China indicate that the country’s first cryptocurrency exchange, previously known as BTC China, plans to expand their services to Korea. The reports claim that the move is scheduled for October 31, 2018. BTCC is an old crypto exchange, which was launched as far back as in 2011. Since then, it grew to

In-Game Items Monetization Service DMarket Opens London Office

17. Oktober 2018 0

DMarket, an in-game items monetization service powered by blockchain, has opened an office in London. This is the companyâ??s third international base. The London office comes in addition to offices in Santa Monica, USA, and Kyiv, Ukraine. The news comes simultaneously with the start of DMarket platform localization into different languages. The service is already

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